Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My First Great Deal of 2010

Safeway was running an AWESOME deal on Wheat Thins that ended yesterday! They were on sale, 2 for 4$. BUT if you bought 5-They were $1 dollar each. Then I had $4.50 in coupons. So...I started out with 10 boxes for $20- Then I got 10$ off because of the 5 for $5 deal. So Now we are at 10 boxes for $10 dollars. Then I have my $4.50 set of coupons: so now I am at 10 boxes for $5.50. AWESEOME HUH? Well, guess what? It gets even better. Wheat Thins was running a coupon with a by 10 boxes, get a $10 rebate. SOOOOOOOOO, I got 10 boxes of Wheat Thins for FREE and I am pocketing $4.50:) OH Happy Day!
PS... JASON LOVE WHEAT THINS and I love great deals!!!!!!

(According to the sites I checked, some woman were getting the boxes for free and receiving the whole ten dollars off. My computer kept printing me off ecoupons that had expired, so I couldn't be as good as some ladies, but I was pretty excited anyways, heehee)