Thursday, September 10, 2009

Soaking up our last few rays of the summer sun.

We are enjoying our last few weeks of summer! Though I have to say, I LOVE FALL! I love the smells, the colors, the pumpkin hunting, the cornmaze going, candy corn, and the beautiful leaves the fall all around us. I started up my spiced orange harvest scentsy this week and Logan put up our Pumpkin windows stickers, just to get us in the mood.
BUT....for that last few days, we have been outside enjoying the warmth. We've been going to the park, jumping on the trampoline like CRAZY, going on bike rides, and playing with our Fred Meyer clearance Summer items! They were having AMAZING deals last week. I enjoy spending my $30 on a TON of fun stuff and cute clothes for the kids.
Logan is going to be 4 in a few weeks. Which, I can hardly believe. He went with me for a ride in the truck tonight and I was realizing what a little man he is now. He told me stories the whole ride and kept saying, "I like checking for buckets with you mom." He is doing many new things too! He is learning to write his name (which is a work in progress...we decided to work on one letter at a time, heehee) and he loves singing that alphabet with Daddy. Next week Awana starts up and in October or November he starts his first swim lessons!! I am super proud of what a great kid he is turning into.
Peyton is a DOLL!!! She is walking, SLASH THAT...RUNNING every where these days. She always wants to be with Logan and it is sweet to see how kind they are with each other. Both of them loves giving each other kisses. She points at everything she wants, which is a new thing for her. It is fun to know what she is thinking for once. She also finally has TWO teeth breaking through. One on top and one on the bottom and the others look like they are coming through soon as well. Our little princess is doing so many new things and her little giggle just warms our heart!
Happy Fall and So long to the end of summer!