Friday, May 30, 2008

It has finally arrived!

Many of you may be thinking that I am talking about my new little niece Annika! Though, she to has arrived and is the cutest thing ever....I am talking about my wonderful bedding set! I ordered this set 3 months ago, when we bought our new place. But I had it picked for a few months before that! I got an amazing deal with some super duper coupons that I had recieved but was super bummed to find out that everyone else and their Grandma, wanted this same set. was on back order til...May 15th...well...May 15th rolled around and I went to check my status on shipping for my on back order til June 6th! I thought....holy honking cow....will my bedding set ever ever ever arrive???? Well...I happened to check my bank account this morning before I left to clean houses, and I saw a nice little chunk of money taken out. TO my wonderful surprise, it turned out my lovely new bedding set was on it route to be delivered to me! Yippyness for me! And to top it all of...Jason likes it too!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is amazing in it's self! To actually please my husband with my decorative taste, it is a pure miracle:) Okay...enough about my bedding...Here are some pics:) My curtins are toooo long but that is an easy fix!! I also wanted to add a picture of the most important arrival this week....Annika Rose Motsinger:) She is a duper cute little baby and Ryan and Morgan are such natural parents! What a joy to welcome a new little Motz:)