Thursday, January 21, 2010

So far, so good

OK!! So, so far I am keeping up with THIS! I've finished TWO books!!! I read the "Blindside" a few weeks ago! A VERY inspiring but SAD story. I kept going back and forth between being so HAPPY for Michael and just plan old MAD at his mom!!! UGH! Read the story and find out why! Super awesome though. Jason and I watched the movie after I read the book, and I pretty much cried the whole movie! Very emotional! I just finished, "Redeeming Love"by Francine Rivers as loaned to me by my beautiful sister in law! Another super good read! EMOTIONAL as well but a wonderful, wonderful reminder of God's amazing Grace!! Logan's verse this week for Awana went so well with this book, "While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." AMEN and so very thankful He did!
I am starting "The Host" by Stephenie Meyers tonight! I will be excited to see if she keeps up with her amazing Twilight series.
I saved more money with COUPONS and Catalinas!!! YIPPY!!! I am getting so many free goodies my little family is feeling so lucky and this MAMA is happy! I love having full cupboards and a full wallet;) This week I got 5 boxes of fruit by the foot, 2 boxes of yummy oatmeal, and a box of honeynut cheerios for 1 dollar after a Catalina Coupon;) I am loving it!!!!!!
The marathon thing is kind of going out the window for now...Jason isn't getting home til 4pm and it gets dark by 5 so, I am thinking, once the sun stays out a little longer, I will work on that goal...right now, my elliptical and Biggest Loser video is doing a good number on me...can we say dripping and sweating? I have a pair of pants that aren't so tight anymore! That is always a fun thing!!
We start Zoo-phinics with Logan this week!! He LOVES IT!!!!!!!!!:) PTL PTL:) AND I am so enjoying my One Year Bible! I am keeping up and so enjoying reading about Joseph right now! I love the forgiveness he had for his brothers after such a horrible thing they did! (I am so thankful for God's word! It is changing my heart and life right now! God is really working on me and sometimes it hurts but I am thankful for it, because I know it is all for his Glory and for my good.)