Thursday, March 26, 2009

More creative entertainment

Jason is always thinking of fun ideas for Logan and Peyton. This summer he used a fan to blow balloons in the air. Logan LOVED this. Now...whenever Logan sees a fan, he wants some balloons to play with too! Peyton sooooo enjoys this now that she is older. It keeps my kiddos entertained for hours:)

My precious little ones. *sigh* they melt my heart!

Always making me giggle.

Logan scored his first Goal on Saturday! He was super excited!

He also got to play outside instead of inside. This is a miracle in itself out here in Oregon! It is usually raining like crazy this time of year. But on Saturday it was just beautiful. A little cold but super fun for Logan.

With their first time outside, they were getting muddy for the first time too. Logan was very concerned about his little buddy's shin guards being so muddy. He hung out by the goal trying to clean off her shin's for sometime. It really was so precious and cute. He is my detailed boy. Notices anything like that and hates getting dirty. It was rather sweet how she just let him wipe them off. I think he inspired her, too. At this age, they don't have a goalie because they want them to be able to score(this is amazing if they score). This little girl didn't want to run around and play but after Logan sweetly cleaned off her shin's she was running out there like crazy;) My little inspiring boy;)