Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy 5oth to an amazing DADDY!

So my handsome Daddy turns 50 today!! My dad is an amazing man. I would say for sure that he is one of my best friends. Of course I know that almost any girl would say that they have the best dad that anyone could ask for....but I know all of you would actually agree with me saying that. My Daddy is the most giving, tender hearted, hard working, gospel preaching, MAN OF GOD that I have ever known.

My daddy would do just about anything for me. Now, I don't take advantange of this at all...but when I or Jason are really in need of him, we know he will always be there. He also is an amazing Grandpa to my little Logan. Logan adores my dad. Whenever Logan sees a bus, a football, or anything Broncos...he says, Papa:) He knows what his Papa loves.

I just wanted to raise a toast(rootbeer of course) to my Dad. May your 50th Birthday be amazing...and may the next 50 years be just as exciting and full of adventure as the first! LOVE YOU DADDY!!

Logan David...My little delight!

Moving has been a wonderful and exciting adverture for my family. We adore our home and our neighborhood and are enjoying painting and making this place our own. But right at the key point of our BIG move, Logan got really sick...not deadly sick but so sick he was just miserable. So with being super sick, not getting hardly any sleep, and being completely out of any routine he has known ever in his life....this last week I had a totally different Child. A Child that I haven't known yet. Logan started throwing major fits, disobeying EVERYTHING....Crying and whinning about everything. Because this was such a drastic change to my perfect little boy...I honestly didn't know how to deal. I almost didnt know what to do. Well, Praise God I figured out how to get control of it before he became this monster child forever. The last two days he has been my sweet, cuddly, loveable, little Logan again. He still is sassy but I think that is just with the age of two...and he still freaks out every now and then but at least he isn't being toooo bad!!! Ugh....I am so relieved. I don't know how I would have been able to stay sane as a mommy;):) I may have asked this child in my belly to wait and come out when I knew for sure that he/she wasn't going to be a monster too:)
With all that said, I am super thankful that my little Logan is back:)