Monday, August 31, 2009

So Long Sweet Summer

So long sweet summer, I stumbled upon you and gratefully basked in your rays. So quickly you came, so quickly you have gone away. *SIGH*

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Small Town Hero

Doesn't my family live in such a beautiful area? We feel so blessed to be reminded of God's beautiful creation daily!This beautiful Cape of ours holds hidden dangers. Infact, it secretly attracts tourists in by it's beauty and makes them have NO common sense. There are many signs that say....DO NOT ENTER.....or DON'T GO PAST THIS FENCE. But people don't take heed and listen to the warnings. My dad has been the Chapeline fore the search and rescue here in the South County area for some time. Every year my dad gets called in 2-3 times, and is asked to let some family know about the death of their child/or relative. These deaths are due to crossing over this fence. Right when the area looks inviting, people either walk done into the coves or down to the rocks down low. Just when they think it's safe, a huge wave will come and wash them away. Most bodies are never found. They are swept under the rocks and the people either die from drowning, the cold water, or being hit against the rocks. brother was able to save one of these tourists on Tuesday! Read the following article. It is such an awesome God story and we are so happy for the HAPPY ending. Another really cool part is the boy Zach saved, is a Christian. The Lord had his hand in the whole rescueing process! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!!!! ZACH SAVES 17 YEAR OLD YOUNG MAN
I wish that they would put signs up that say.....YOU MAY DIE BY CROSSING THIS FENCE or MANY PEOPLE HAVE DIED BY CROSSING THIS FENCE, DON'T DO IT. Or even put up all the names and crosses of the kids and adults who have lost their lives.
We are so thankful for the outcome of this event....hopefully others will hear the story and not cross over those lines.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It turned in to a wonderful Mommy day out!

Logan had his very first dentist appointment on Tuesday! SO we ventured out to Portland and Logan really did a wonderful job. The dentist says he has GREAT teeth! YEAH!!!
After that, I meet up with my good friend Jackie and we took the kids to Tacobell and a really neat park by her house! There was another mom there making balloon swords for all the kids. Logan LOVED IT. It was so wonderful catching up with Jackie. Jackie's husband has be diagnosed with kidney failure and has had to start dialysis in his home and at work. It has been a super crazy first year of marriage for jobs, bought a house, and dialysis. Josh's brother will donate his kidney soon , he is a perfect match. Jackie said that Steve has dreamed of doing this for Josh since he was little, so that is amazing!!! Jackie and Josh really are a sweet couple. They remind me of Jason and I a lot:) So sad they live 2 hours away.
After Jackie's we headed to Washington Square Mall. MY FAVORITE MALL...not for the shopping but for the play area inside. This was Peyton's first time getting to enjoy it too!
We really had a wonderful day! I really enjoy being with my kids! They make my life so much fun!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Country Girl Through and Through

I LOVE country Music! I think I must have been 13 years old when my love for it really began. I have a good friend that I've know since I was 9 who really introduced me to it. I use to tease her for liking it, but now...I am such a fan too.
I love Wednesday nights at the tillamook county fair. They always have such a great country singer come. One year they had Terry Clark, another year they had SheDaisy, and this year they had Phil Vassar!!!!! It was so much fun. I've been counting down the days for a few months now...going to his website and making myself familiar with his music again. Honestly, I KNEW EVERY SONG! I did kind of feel silly that I could sing almost every song, word for word...but it made it more fun too:) Peyton loved it! Logan...he was a little bored, but this mommy was in her heaven. I love music, I love country, I love Phil Vassar's music, and I LOVE concerts! I had such a wonderful time. I left about 30 minutes early because my kiddos were READY for bed. But as soon as I got home, I opened my windows and my back door and I listened to the rest of the concert from my back porch! It really was a way fun night.

Peyton was trying to sing a long with the was so cute!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

And I thought I loved you then

Does anyone else feel like Life just keeps getting busier and crazier? I feel as though as soon as Jason and I slow down with our lives....tons of things shot our way. I am very much a quality time kind of person when it comes to my relationship with Jason. I am not this way with my friends. I really am not a high mantience friend at all. My best friend in the entire world, (other then Jason) and I only talk like MAYBE once a month but we cherish and love each other so much. My relationship with Jason is different...I really need that quality time with him. It is super duper important to me.
5 nights a week, I am alone. Really, when I got married, I never thought that I would say that. I am so thankful for Jason's job and I am so thankful for what a hard worker Jason is but lets face it, I get lonely at night. I put the kids to bed at night, every night, by myself. I don't mind it for the most part. I remind myself all the time that this is just a season of our lives, and that someday, I will have every night with Jason. With that in mind, my poor Jason has to deal with little old me when it comes to his nights off. I want ALL of those nights! I know that is super selfish of me but I just feel like with those being my ONLY two nights with my man, I want them to be just us! I am sure a lot of our "couple" friends notice this because we NEVER have company EVER!!!!! But I have the hardest time giving up my two nights with Jason. I am working on it ya'll.
Jason and I did get a little break together for our anniversary and it was AMAZING!!! I am so in love with that man. He is so much fun...FULL of ideas and so very romantic. He truly is a man of character, he has such devotion to be a good husband and an amazing daddy, he is way thoughtful, and the way I have seen him just growing in leaps and bounds in his spiritual life, well, I really don't have words for that. His relationship with the Lord is so important to him and it shows in his everyday life. For our anniversary, first he surprised me with a BUNCH of beautiful flowers in the kitchen after he got home from work and then he surprised me with another beautiful diamond wedding band. It looks so beautiful together. We rekindled our love that weekend. Went to wild waves, a drive in movie, out to dinner at apple bee's, and we shopped at walmart(we LOVE that store).
I still can't believe that I could possibly be more in love with Jason today then the day I married him but it is so true. Both of these songs(Love) and (RUN)are sooooo me and Jason and every time I hear them I just think of us. My love story is one that I could have only dreamed of and then I don't even think it would have been as good as it has been. I am so happy and overwhelmed that I can say that about my marriage and the love of my life. But it is true. Jason really does complete me in every way and I couldn't be happier or more content. I wouldn't trade my life for anything...even his stinkin' night shift is all worth long as I can have him.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our Wonderful BUSY July!!!!

We have had the most fun this July! I wanted to share a few of our outings! We went to the zoo! It was Logan and Peyton's first time and they both LOVED IT!!!!!!! We parked a little ways away from the zoo and road a school bus over. Logan was so excited..."I can't believe it...I get to ride a bus to the zoo." He had such excitement in his eyes. We really had a wonderful family day. Full of laughs, frozen ice drinks, monkeys(and I'm not just talking about Logie;), and lots of learning. Logan loved the Bats the most. I was so surprised. He use to be way scared of them...but he loved watching them eat bananas.
We also headed to MY favorite beach and enjoyed the sand hill. Peyton loved breaking down the sand castles that Logie and Daddy were making and she really wanted to climb up that sand hill by herself. She is very independent my Pey Pey. Logan loved rolling down the hill and running in the sand.
July was such a wonderful busy month for our family. Enjoy all the pics.