Monday, October 19, 2009

Our little Cheerleader and Our Little Fish

We Cheered on our FAVORITE football team to a 6-0 Victory tonight! YEA BRONCSO!! Peyton was our little Cheerleader. We need to get her some pom poms. We decided when I go back to Colorado for Thanksgiving, that I need to hit the local walmart and get my family some new Broncos shirts. Poor Logan had to wear around my Broncos shirt that had little diamonds on it:) Both my kids love it when mommy is watching Football. I jump up and down, and cheer and clap. They get into it with me, though I probably embarrass the snot out of Jason:) Good thing we were at home, though if I was at my dad's, at least I would have him there cheering and screaming with me!

Logan had his VERY first swim lesson today. He did so well. She was very impressed that he just turned four and has no fear of putting his head under the water. I am excited to watch him improve every week. He was so sad when his class was over. He would have stayed in there all day.