Friday, July 4, 2008 are still my Fav!

My little Logy woke me up early because he had to go potty....and I couldn't go back to sleep. So I decided it was time to fix up my little Music thing for my blog here. Figured it was time to change things up. I added a few of my favorite songs for right now. Then I decided to look up my all time favorite group, Switchfoot! As I poured through the music....I was brought back to a different time. You see, Switchfoot was one of the first groups I ever got super excited for! I will thank my brother MJ for that. We had gone to Jesus Northwest back when I was like 15 and MJ spent a TON of money on cd's for all these new Christian groups! Switchfoot was one of them....also among them was Skillet and Supertones!(which are also still some of my favs.) Being a pastor's kid, my parents were actually really cool about the music we got to listen too. They pretty much let us pick out whatever we long as it was CLEAN and Uplifting! After many battles between my parents and MJ with music....we all picked out our favorites! Switchfoot was that band that we all loved!!! The words of their songs just touched my life!! I felt like every song was talking to they could read my mind! They were my escape when I just couldn't do it anymore, when the pressure of this WORLD was to much....they were a cd I could just turn on and lay on my bed and escape to a different place too. During my times of searching....during the time that I made my Faith...truely My own. During times that I didn't think my parents and my brother would ever get a long....during times that I had a big crush on a boy and that boy didn't feel the same.....when I was so unbearably lonely at Frontier that I couldnt' stand it....when all my friends where dating someone, and I was all alone.....on snowy trips to Denver to get to the airport for a good friend of mine(good thing I did...since we now share brothers as husbands(lol))......Switchfoot was there. When I wasn't sure who I was, when I was searching for people to except me for me, when all my friends were partying and I was at home, doing nothing.....God blessed me with this wonderful escape to Switchfoot. It sounds sort of silly, and sorry daddy if this isn't biblical, heehee, but Switchfoot helped get me on Fire for Jesus. It made me want to get deeper in my relationship with my Savior! I am so thankful that my parents didn't hinder my music so much that I wouldn't have been able to find this group.They were my tunes!!!:) I am sure you all have a group like that. And YES...I have many more...but switchfoot is truelly the biggest music influence in my life:) I hope you enjoy some of their music when you come to my blog. If biggy. They are just a little piece into me! Happy listening!