Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I wish it would come and stay but that will be another day.......

We so enjoyed our nice weather. Peyton went to her first park that she actually go to enjoy. She LOVED the swing:) I will have to take Logan to more parks with swings this is rare here in Tillamook:) My mom is so great with how she plays with Logan. She was sliding down the slide, and giving Logan underdoggys on the swing. I am so blessed that we live so close:)
My kids are doing lots of new things....Peyton is sitting up by herself and I know she can totally roll over on her own , she just hasn't yet. Logan is going to Awana every Wed. Afternoon and he loves it. Another huge thing that has happened for us is Logan can officially peddle. I worked with him ALL summer... and hard!!!!! And during Christmas him and Collin had snuck out to play outside and I look over at the basketball court at Mike and Debbie and low and behold...Logan was peddling!!! That goes to show...don't worry about your kids so much and when they will start to do things. Sometimes they will just figure it out on their own.
Anyways...Logan was peddling around our house on his TINY tricycle! He looked super funny because he is WAY to big for it. I mentioned to Sarah that we were going to buy Logan a bigger bike and she was like, I HAVE ONE:) So....Logan is sooooooo loving his new bike. THANK YOU AUNT SARAH!!! I am not sure where he got this idea but he asked mommy and daddy if when he started riding it better...if he could do jumps and make it fly in the sky:) TOOO funny:)