Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Son Owns more things then I personally do!

Today Jason and I were working out in the Garage til around 12:30ish...trying to get things organized and figure out what needed to stay in the house and what needed to be put in storage in the garage. It was super funny because Box after Box after Box said, Logan's Room!!! It cracked me up. The little dude had more personal boxes then I do;)Pretty funny:)

Then my afternoon was perfect. I meet up with a friend at McDonald's and our kids played at the play place for a long time then she came over to hang out for a while too. I just love good friends. We are both super busy mommys but I love that she was sweet enough to make the time and invite me out:) Makes you feel super special when someone wants to hang with you other then you 2 year old;)

Off to do some more unpacking...I swear it will never end;)