Thursday, January 22, 2015

Body over Soul

  I follow several amazing women via Instagram and through blogger, who are these amazing fitness queens. These women are incrediably dedicated to getting up early every morning and lifting, running,swimming,biking, and doing instanity. One lady runs 20 plus miles every single morning! And get this- its all on her treadmill and half the time without music or netflix! Its purely insane and AMAZING to me.  I really look up to so many of these ladies. There determination and desire to get their bodies so fit and so perfect! They go to these HUGE lengths to make it happen!!
  I had this thought this morning as I ran a whopping 20 minutes on my tready.  I am very dedicated to running on it 20 minutes a day 6-7 days a week. It has become a habit that I just love and dont wanna break.  It isnt at 5:30 am but at whatever time works best for me, surrounding my work schedule, hubbies schedule, and my kiddos schedule.   So as I am running my little heart out to "Heartland"( on netflix via my awesome little kindle) for my 20 minutes session for sanity, I pondered this. What if everyone in this world was as dedicated to their SOULS as they are to their bodies and to their physical appearance.  What if everyone got up super early or just set a side time for an hour or 20 minutes to feed and work out their soul?  This world would be such a different place. Thats for sure.
 Physical fitness is such an important thing in my life and really it has been since my parents encouraged me at a young age to start sports and took me on family bike rides along with family hikes. Physical fitness is so important! So good for our bodies! But I just can't help but think of where my life would be if only my body was being feed and worked out everyday and not my soul along with it. I would be a complete and udder mess.
  Here is my challenge for you. If you feel that you can find the time to get your work out in every single day and you are disaplined enough to do so, do that samething  with your devotions. 
 "For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world , yet lost his soul." Matthew 16:26