Thursday, July 30, 2009 sweet Logan. My life would be so boring without him in it.

Logan is the funniest boy. The conversations we have together, just crack me up!! He is so interested in a relationship with Jesus and how to get to heaven. Especially after his great papa charlie passed away. He will tell you the whole story, "papa's heart couldn't take it anymore and he is in heaven with jesus now...but he won't raise again like Jesus because he isn't all powerful like Jesus." He has told this story ALOT the passed few weeks.
Last week Logan was grounded all week from going anywhere fun....On Thursday he go to go to papa's shop with him and he was very excited. He yelled at the top of his lungs..." Papa...I was in time out for TWO weeks...and now I am not anymore."
Tonight I was praying with Logan before I was leaving his room after a sweet little kiss, he asked me..." "amen" Jesus last name? because we always Jesus name...Amen." The child listens to every detail I tell ya.
Last week Logan didn't want to wear his shoes across the rocks...Jason told him he should or it will hurt his feet...he turned and said, "No daddy....I don't need shoes...I'm an Africa boy."
My brother Zach was struggling with kidney stones...I went to pick logan up from my parents and Logan had to inform me of this,"uncle zach has kidney stones in his tummy again...he woke up last night with issues." (picture a three year old talking SUPER fast saying this to me.) So funny.