Thursday, July 9, 2009

Camping....Krista Style

I love the stage we are in with our kiddos. It's the stage were we love going out and about and doing things with them. Taking them to parks, to the beach, on hikes, on bike rides, on walks, to waterfalls, and to creeks. BUT, I also love that when we camp, we camp...IN OUR BACK YARD!!! Makes life so much nicer. Infact, I can't even claim to be a part of the camping experience. I use Peyton as my excuse to sleep in my warm bed, while Jason sleeps outside with Logan. I enjoy hanging out in the tent for a little while with Pey and Log and Jay but I am more them happy to skip back into the house. But Jason and Logan on the other hand, ADORE it. They were even able to share the tent with Collin one night and Gracie another night. Such a blast. Now all I need is a portable firepit and I don't think Jason will be able to get me to a REAL campsite ever again;)