Thursday, July 2, 2015

I have this freedom - let it ring

So today, I tried on a couple of swimsuits . I haven't done this since God pulled me from that yucky bondage almost 2 years ago.  It's a thing that triggers a yucky attitude to my precious body that God has blessed me with. But I wanted to, I was ready:) 
  So, I grabbed a way cute one piece and didn't worry about the size that I grabbed. Peyton came in with me because my girl adores anything to do with new clothing :)  I slipped the suit on and looked in the big dressing room mirror and I smiled. Sure it was a little snug in the thighs, (someday I will move past the jr section racks;) ) my thighs had some beautiful little dimples - as this runs in my family, but I looked and I beamed. I was content in what I saw:). Peyton loved it and I told her how I loved how cute and modest it was but still totally stylish and cute. And she agreed. You can never start to young with teaching your littles modesty;). But at the same time, I want my girl to grow up loving her body- no matter what size or shape she is blessed with. 
  I took the suit off and put it back on the rack and we went on with our shopping. We went and grabbed some coffee and some chips and headed out to do our fun things of the day.
  A couple years or even last year I would have planned out my whole day- week, heck month, on how to not eat and over exercise  in order to "like" what I saw in the mirror and I may have talked to my daughter about it and even said- yuck, I look gross. But, now in this freedom I now live, I was able to leave Target with other things on my mind like my kids, God, my studly man at home working so hard for us to be able make a fun trip to the zoo and pay for my kiddos dental work today. 
  With freedom brings- well- freedom. Freedoms definition is as follows:
  the state of being free or at liberty rather than inconfinement or under physicalrestraint:
exemption from external control,interference, regulation, 

Oh my goodness, I have freedom over the bondage of this sin and it's such a huge relief. Complete freedom of external control and internal control-which truly has lead to a more grateful and content mind set.