Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Few Moments

So- my kids really like to play with my camera phone and I love seeing what they have chosen to share with me:)
Makes me smile- so so much.
Logan was involved in his very first science fair and received a first place ribbon! Way to go dude!
We headed up to Wilsonville to visit my older brother Mj and celebrate his 35th bday. It's strange to be writing that age! Time flies. You are the only friend 
that I've  known my entire life -love you bro.
More *peyton moments*
A precious sight for me as I was dusting at one of my clients homes! Made my whole day.
We are having an incredible winter. I sitting out in the sunshine soaking up  the rays as I type this!🙌🙌
Sending off a bday card to grandpa Mark
 I love and hate daylight savings- my love is that the kids play outside til bedtime!!
Peyton had her first friend sleep over with her school and church buddy, Sheridan Thank you Jesus for such a precious little friend for sis.
A random windy Sunday afternoon took down our ball hoop and gave Jason and the kids some entertainment ! "Who can Stand on one leg in the 75 mph wind ." Note that mommy was inside- dry and warm.
Had a sweet visitor this week while her mama was away!
.....and more pey;)
I've been enjoying this sweet little author. Sarah Jio. All her books are based in Seattle and are really cute, simple, light reads. Just what I need after a long day of  Life.
 Please be praying for my hubs - it's been a rough winter for him with some health stuff. We would totally appreciate the prayers .
 Thanks for stopping in.