Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ding it....

Logan and I were taking our popcans to Fred Meyer the other day for extra money towards our easter egg decorating kit. While we were at Freddy's he saw a squirt gun he really wants. SO I told him that we could ask Bus Papa for his and gramm's popcans so that he could get that gun with it.
Well, we went to the beach on Sunday instead of to Gramm's and on our way home Logan says, "Oh, Ding it...we forgot Papa's popcans." (Priceless)
Then on our way down to Awana's yesterday, we drove by Auntie Rechelle's boyfriend's house. Rechelle's smoking hot new Mustang was parked outside and Logan says, "Hey mom...there's Shell's new mustache."
Heehee...I love listening to a 3 year old talk:)