Sunday, March 14, 2010

Not your Typical Love Story

This is a picture of my Beautiful Jen yesterday on her wedding day. And the Hopeless Romantic that I am, I must share their story with u.

I remember the day I met Jen DeMoney. God had been tugging at my heart to work at Cheyenne Berean Church. I was 20 years old...a sophamore at Frontier School of the Bible. They were in need of Jr High youth workers and I needed the Christian Service Credits for my degree. I loved Cheyenne and a few of my friends attended the church. Jen was this adoreable blonde hair 12 year old girl. The first time I talked to her, she just had this light of beauty inside her soul. She was one of those kids that was way mature for her age and just a precious gem from the moment I had a chance to spend anytime with her. The same day, I met her amazing mother Lonna. Lonna was one of those women who doesn't hold anything back. From the beginning she wanted me to know her know her know where she had come from and what she had come out of.
Lonna had 4 beautiful kids. Sarah was 14, Jen 12, Steve around 10, and Tori 8ish. Lonna had gotten pregnant in highschool, married the babies daddy and started LIFE young. Eventually they had 4 kids together. Lonna finds out one day that her husband has been a liar about EVERYTHING....from loving her beautiful family, to being faithful to her, wanting anything with the Lord, and so on. This just CRUSHED Lonna's world. As any of you can even imagine. Lonna was now...not even 30...a single mom with 4 kids. She had to get a full time job that would support them and allow them to pull through. Can I just stop the story and say, I have never met a woman as strong as Lonna. NEVER. God was amazing through those years and placed many Godly people in Lonna's life. But her life was always rough and her ex husband really became more and more of a loser and lazy jerk everyday and wasn't a part of the kids life at all. Not a dad at all to her beautiful kids.
I had the joy of living with them the summer I started dating Jason. Jen and I became so close, she felt more like my little sister then anything else. We laid out in the sun, jumped on the trampoline, went on missions trips together, and enjoyed Maranatha Bible Camp together. Then....God placed Jason in my life...I moved on from Cheyenne and really moved on with my life.
Jen continued to grow closer and closer to the Lord. I loved hearing from her and seeing what she was doing with her life. A few months after Jason and I got married...Jen's mom Lonna married a man that she had been friends with for a few years and a romance had blossomed. Lonna got pregnant very fast and had a sweet little boy named Jacob. Jacob is about 5 months older then my Logan. I got a myspace message about 3 years ago from my friend Clarissa. She asked me to call her as soon as possible and she left me her cell number. I did call right away....Clarissa let me know that Lonna's husband Jason had commited suiside that morning. My heart just SUNK to my stomach. Lonna then finds out that Jason had been leading this double life...was heaving into gambling, drugs, porn, etc. Just horrible things that Lonna had no idea of. His lying and dark secrets ended up killing him.
Can u even imagine living through any of those things? Jen through all of this grew closer and closer to the Lord and PRAISE God he placed an amazing youth pastor and youth pastor's wife in her life.
Now for my story on Aaron.
Aaron is the man my precious Jen married yesterday. I didn't know this story til Friday and I don't know all of the details but what I do know I will share.
Aaron is a 29 year old youth pastor in Thorton Colorado. about 1 1/2 hours from Cheyenne. He is a lover of Jesus Christ. He has tasted and seen God's Grace more then any of us can even imagine. A few years back, Aaron got married. He married a wonderful young woman named Tami. Tami was tragically killed in a car accident a year after they got married. Through this horrible time...Aaron continued serving the Lord....Loving the Lord and leaning upon him for his grace to get through this horrible time. Many times in the last few years, Aaron was confident that he was never going to marry again....he was going to stay single.....then he met my beautiful Jen.
Aaron and Jen met in a Lock In youth group get together. Jen was working with Cheyenne Berean's Youth Group and Aaron was the youth pastor at Harvest Bible Church. He met Jen, and his life changed forever. A few months later, they were engaged and a few month later they got married. I have never been so proud, my eyes never so full of tears of joy in my life as I watch Jen's brother Steve walk her down the isle yesterday. That boy had SUCH pride as he walked his amazing sister down the isle to marry the man of her dreams!!!
This story is a story of story of inspiration...especially for those of us who have had heart ache...termonal. What I love about this story is that is shows God's Grace. And I really can't stop smiling today as I think of those two heading off for their Honeymoon. I can't stop thinking about what a lucky guy Aaron is for snatching up my precious Jen. And from what I have seen...Jen is just as lucky. Thank you Lord...for your Grace and for your Faithfulness for those that Love and Honor you.