Sunday, November 9, 2014

To my hunk

   Jason turned 34 yesterday. We love birthdays in this house! I truely believe it's a week long celebration ! My mom taught me this:) 
 We made our way up to Big Al's in Beaverton ! Such a coooool place! Jason wanted to watch his beloved Blazers on a huge screen with a big dr pepper and a yummy burger. He really is easy to please:) We then came home and got to go see our awesome, newly remodeled theaters !  Saw a great kids movie(cause that's what you do when you are a parent). Love being able to celebrate this man! 
Being married to this man for over 10 years causes me some reflection . Ladies- don't settle- truely ! Don't! I didn't date much (don't get me wrong, I was totally boy crazy) but The Lord placed him in my life in His perfect timing. This really challenges me to start praying for my kids spouses! I know my parents did this and I really believe that's how I ended up with Jason. Here are a few bits of advice I wanna share that I've learned and that I am working on:
*dont settle (yea, I already said that- but for real)
*Dont throw yourself little pitty parties (even in your mind because it's usually over stupid stuff and it gives you a bad attitude towards your super hard working man)
*prasie him
*encourage him
*stop complaining to him
*stop nagging( you aren't his mama)
*stop ragging on him to your friends
*pray for him
*let him hang out with his buddies 
*do what he wants to do
*watch what he wants to watch 
*figure out his love language 
*make him cookies
*SERVE him with a happy heart!
 *be selfless- really - stop thinking so much about yourself ALL the time 
 Our pastor used this quote a few weeks back and I thought it was so good and so practical .  
 "What if God designed marriage to make you Holy more than make you Happy?" The sacred marriage 

 And I really think this quote- being lived out- will reap happiness and joy. And a good marriage:)  
 Thanks for peaking in❤️❤️❤️