Saturday, April 17, 2010

BLOGGING?? Who has the TIME?!?!?!

These days...I have NO TIME TO BLOG. I am really more of a "blog reader" then a "blog writer". But I wanted to chat u all up on our little family!!

All ready for BED!

Our new playhouse! The kids are in love and have already spent hours in it! Jason worked so hard on putting it together. A WHOLE evening and with the schedule he's had at work...u would realize what a huge sacrafice that really was of him. He was seriously WIPED out afterwards.

Daddy saved the most important part for his little man

Working on the SPECAIL project that I BEGGED Jason to let me get:) (I asked him after he got his tv, so it was easy to persuade him)

Peyton is really our little HAM. We asked her to put her shirt back on and so she pulled her skirt up instead. Silly little girl

We walk ALL the time...Logan is now my little runner. This is what he does on our walks now! I have to try and keep up with him.

Peyton has quite the fashion sense these days:)

Gramma Bonnie and Peyton on Easter. We are sure CHERISHING our last few months living close to them. They will move to Ten Mile, Idaho the end of August.

My mom and dad are always doing the cutest things for my kids. They set up a Egg hunt for them with candy and money filled eggs. They had a blast.

Mom had it so each kid had a specific Color egg so that they both got the same amount. very creative, u can tell she works with the "kinders"(as she calls them)

We ran into your sweet cousins and GOOD friends the day before easter and they were able to make these cute ears. Maddie helped Logan with his, which meant the world to him and made him feel super special. Maybe we have a future preschool teacher on our hands:) All such sweet kids...we are so lucky to live close to family, even though we don't get together nearly enough.

Our Logan is such a character. Tonight he told me..."Mommy....will your turn the music down?" I asked him why and he said, "Because you know what they say mommy....Music and TV will rot the brain." Lol

Peyton goes peepee in the potty at least TWICE a day now. she just turned 20 months old. We are thrilled but not pushing anything:) But if she wants to go...we let her:) She is also officially DONE with the Binky...which we call the Paci. Tonight she didn't cry when I laid her down . She didn't even ask for her Ba Ba(what she calls it). 6 days and counting! She is a little less baby everyday!