Sunday, December 14, 2014

The good- the fun- the ugly

The parents came out for thanksgiving! To say I am blessed by these two- would be an understatement ! Fabulous people right there.I put a tint of red in my hair! No more highlights- my poor hair couldn't do it any longer- and since I have lots of "silver" hair- I had to do something! I love it!
Some people get Christmas pjs- we do Christmas earrings! They last longer then a year!#olaf

Mine is : Snowball Garland 💛
Logan's wish list! #pokemon 

Little family Thanksgiving ! Just how I like it !
Basketball team! Love all the pink!
After "silver and gold" Christmas ballet 
     It's a little frozen under our tree!
Our little artist at work!

The book worm doing what he loves best!
Love this girl 
Peys newest hobby #photographer 
Ugley sweater Bunco! Jason put so much work into his! Love his passion for things!!

Logan and some of his Sunday school buddies! What a blessed day at #firstchristian