Monday, July 7, 2008

Fourth Weekend! FULL OF FUN!!!!

This Summer Logan has just LOVED the water! From squirt guns, to swimming, to fun sprinklers! What kid doesn't just love water fun? Infact, Logan has really had the hugest obsession with squirt guns! He asks daddy all day long, "wanna play squirt guns, daddy?" The other day he was going potty and he looked down at his peepee and said, "Mommy, this my very own squirt gun,!!" LOL....I laughed and said, "yes but we only squirt the toilet with it." He said, "ya mommy." Funny little boy.

We got Logan this super fun sprinkler from Freddys! He just loves it! He really enjoyed it a Bus Papa's this weekend.
Bus Gram is always pulling out activites for Logan!!! From walks outside, to painting, to playdo, to reading books, eating popcorn and watching movies, or just sitting down and playing with a bunch of us canady kids old toys! Gram and Logan have really became buddies this summer!
Amybeth surprised me and was at the Cloverday's Parade on Saturday!!! It meant the world to me to see my bestest friend!
Logan and Bus Papa were in the Parade on Saturday! Dad loves to show off his 63 bug that he restored and of course loves even more showing off his Favorite Grandson!! Logan had fun waving his flag and showing of his spiderman toy!! Thanks Papa for inviting Logan!
We ended our weekend with a fun day at LC Pool!!! They have this AWESOME kiddy pool! Logan and daddy played squirt guns and Logan got brave and wondered all around the pool. We got him these goggles at the dollars store and the little man loved them. They were pretty much foggy the whole time but he didn't want to take them off;) Note to self, never by squirt guns or goggles at the dollars store. They leak like crazy;)