Monday, March 3, 2008

One more thing!

Now...even if you don't own a can leave me a comment:) I fixed my options to that:) Live so love!

So so Tired!

So, whose idea was it again to move while I was pregnant?? Oh, yes...probably mine! Well...sorry I haven't up loaded any more new pics. My camera battery is dead and I am having issues locating the charger at the moment. I will try to upload some pics with in a week:)
Our house is slowly coming together. Jason painted all weekend...what a stud he is. It looks just awesome in the livingroom and kitchen. My garage is still FULL of boxes and I am slowly getting things kind of organized in my bathrooms and bedrooms. It is sooooo much work!! usual I have had a ton of help so I can't complain. Just would love to have a house keeper for a month til I get organized...that way I wouldn't have to do my dishes or laundry;):):)
So..I just wanted to update you all and tell you ...yes, I am still alive...but I am TIRED!!! So...if you don't hear from me for a all know my new house has eaten me up:)