Monday, February 18, 2008

Second Trimester!!!

So....second trimester is here:) Can I get a "what what." Heehee. I am super excited...mainly because I am at the 1/3 mark. Week 12 and 13 I was still super sick with morning sickness and I thought it would NEVER END!!! about 13 1/2 weeks I kid you disappeared!!! Completely. Now, I still need to eat right away in the morning but I have always been like that...I am hypoglysempic(I SUCK at spelling). BUT...none the body feels better, I feel better, my head feels better, and my tummy feels better!!!:) I am totally on this health kick right now. Since I no longer have to keep something in my tummy every 30 minutes....I am not even joking about that.....I can finally really watch what I am eating. I have gained 5 pounds so far. Those of you who have been pregnant know that every pound you gain with have to work your butt off to lose I figure if I work my butt off now (NOT WORKING OUT LIKE CRAZY...DON'T WORRY..I had to put that incase my mother or mother in law reads this, heehee) then I won't have to worry about it later.
BUT...with all that said, I did find out Friday that I have a low laying placenta...meaning that my placenta attached a little bit lower then it should and closer to my cervix then most normal pregnancies. But has my pregnancy been normal at all yet?? why should it start now, right? 1/5 woman have this happen and 95% of these woman have their placenta move up as their uterous grows. My dr. says by 20 weeks it should be at a good safe mark. So as of now, I can't lift my Logan and I can't do yard work, I was going too,lol:) And I have to take another month off of cleaning houses. BUT my wonderful sister in law is taking over and doing great. And another sweet Friend Monica is filling in for me:) What would I do without them??????
We are packing our house up as I speak...well kind of;) I can't do hardly anything...I am a poor helpless little bunny and that is SOOOOOOOO HARD FOR ME!!!!! I am such a do it myself kind of person, I hate to ask for help and I hate to rely on people! My daddy made me that way...I am just like him!:):) BUT my mom and dad are helping me a ton and Jason is doing the majority of it;) Am I crazy to be moving while I am pregnant??? YES but I would be just as crazy to move while I have a new born and a 3 year old so either way, I screwed, heehee.
Okay...that is enough from little ol' me. I am off to the park to meet up with my sister in law and good friend Sarah.! It is just beautiful here today