Thursday, August 13, 2009

It turned in to a wonderful Mommy day out!

Logan had his very first dentist appointment on Tuesday! SO we ventured out to Portland and Logan really did a wonderful job. The dentist says he has GREAT teeth! YEAH!!!
After that, I meet up with my good friend Jackie and we took the kids to Tacobell and a really neat park by her house! There was another mom there making balloon swords for all the kids. Logan LOVED IT. It was so wonderful catching up with Jackie. Jackie's husband has be diagnosed with kidney failure and has had to start dialysis in his home and at work. It has been a super crazy first year of marriage for jobs, bought a house, and dialysis. Josh's brother will donate his kidney soon , he is a perfect match. Jackie said that Steve has dreamed of doing this for Josh since he was little, so that is amazing!!! Jackie and Josh really are a sweet couple. They remind me of Jason and I a lot:) So sad they live 2 hours away.
After Jackie's we headed to Washington Square Mall. MY FAVORITE MALL...not for the shopping but for the play area inside. This was Peyton's first time getting to enjoy it too!
We really had a wonderful day! I really enjoy being with my kids! They make my life so much fun!!