Thursday, February 21, 2008

Idol, Poop, and cellphone!

So tonight, I am trying to be a good mommy. Yes, I really really am. I got Logan a bath all ready because...what little kid doesn't just LOVE a bath. Logan loves to swim and so having a bath is the next best thing. Well, I am double tasking....watching Logan in the tub and folding laundry(right next to the tub). Now mind you...I am trying to get all of this done in time to watch American Idol tonight. cousin Lance calls....I am super excited to chat with him since I have for a few months....while I am talking to him, Logan is saying....Mommy....yucky....mommy.....yucky...I look inside the tub and Logan has decided to Go Number 2 in the tub....and the funny part was he is trying to get to the side of the tub that has NO number 2. Which is like pretty much no where since he pretty much filled the tub with his #2:) I am still on the phone with Lance, trying to get Logan out of the tub and get it cleaned out so I can get him back in there and clean his body off. with all that said, I finally had to tell Lance bye and get my cleaner out and get the nasty stuff out of the tub. So we get the whole tub clean and I re fill it with water and scrub my little dudes body! So Logan plays for a little while longer and then wants out. Remember I was talking with Lance on the cell earlier? I had put it in my sweet shirt pocket right after that and as I bend over to unplug the tub, my ENVY cell phone slips into the tub! I was like....AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!! I can't believe that just happened. I grabbed it out really fast and dryed it off as best I could! LUCKLY...though it was acting funny for about 20 minutes now it is just fine. FEW....okay...that is my night so far;)

Great Idea from Abbie!

My friend Abbie gave me the great idea of sharing with family (and friends) how much my belly is or isn't growing, lol:) Here are a few pics! We are comparing out prego bellys:) The one time in my life I would ever compare my belly with anyone;)

14 weeks prego with baby Motz #2