Monday, September 14, 2009

Sometimes is takes a child

On Friday morning, my kids and I ran down to Pacific City to do one of my jobs of the week. On our way down, we saw LOTS of American Flags. Especially when we crossed the bridge in PC. It was covered in them. Logan noticed this and asked what all the flags were for. I told him I wasn't sure, and not remembering the date at the time, I told him I would find out and tell him later. On our way home, it dawned on me the it was Sept. 11. So, I began to tell Logan the story of what happened 4 years before he was born. He was in awe of the story, especially the brave heros of that day and was saddened for those that died. I told him the story probably 4 times when he stopped me and said, "Mommy...we should pray for all the people from 9/11." I smiled at him and with a tears in my eyes, we prayed for the families of those that lost loved ones and for those who survived. Sometimes it takes a child to help us busy adults stop and pray for those in need. I wanted to share this SONG with u. Listen to the words. It really touches your heart.