Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And a Happy New Year.........

Logan has LOVED Christmas this year!! He loves everything about it. He loved the presents(of course), he loved giving presents, He LOVED singing in the Church Candle Light Service and saying, "J is for Jesus," and he has loved singing Christmas Songs. His FAVORITE is: We wish you a Merry Christmas. In fact....he loves it so much that he sings it all day long. Starting about a week ago he starting saying some funny stuff....Like he would say, " I am sorry" and then sing, "And a Happy New Year." Or..."I went number#2", and sing...and a happy new year. So basically after lots of statements, he sings...and "and a happy new year." So cute:)
Just to show you how smart little 3 year olds are...He grabbed a candy cane cookie yesterday...looked at it...turned it upside down and said, "J is for Jesus." I was pretty impressed:)
Well....We hope you had a wonderful Christmas.....And a Happy New year:)

Logan and his snow turrle

Our big snow ball:)

Our colorful snow family;)