Thursday, August 6, 2009

Country Girl Through and Through

I LOVE country Music! I think I must have been 13 years old when my love for it really began. I have a good friend that I've know since I was 9 who really introduced me to it. I use to tease her for liking it, but now...I am such a fan too.
I love Wednesday nights at the tillamook county fair. They always have such a great country singer come. One year they had Terry Clark, another year they had SheDaisy, and this year they had Phil Vassar!!!!! It was so much fun. I've been counting down the days for a few months now...going to his website and making myself familiar with his music again. Honestly, I KNEW EVERY SONG! I did kind of feel silly that I could sing almost every song, word for word...but it made it more fun too:) Peyton loved it! Logan...he was a little bored, but this mommy was in her heaven. I love music, I love country, I love Phil Vassar's music, and I LOVE concerts! I had such a wonderful time. I left about 30 minutes early because my kiddos were READY for bed. But as soon as I got home, I opened my windows and my back door and I listened to the rest of the concert from my back porch! It really was a way fun night.

Peyton was trying to sing a long with the was so cute!