Friday, January 2, 2015

No list resolution

2015-I can hardly believe it. Does time fly by like crazy to anyone else? For real!!
  I didn't make any lists this year. Might be the first time ever (since I could write of course). I live by lists!! Whether it's to do lists, weekly menus, work schedule, or house projects . Basically, some months it's how I survive!  
  But this whole New Years resolution thing, such a fun and creative idea! A fresh start- day 1 to a 365 day book.  But I have rebelled this year and decided to not make any yearly goals! I'm trying to live more in the "now." I don't wanna have to wait until Jan. 1st to begin any of my achievements and I don't wanna hold a super high standard for myself over this year , if I don't complete my "list." 
  The following is an article I read and sums up a lot of how I feel about it :) Its really, down right fabulous. MUST READ!! I-HAVE-KIDS
 If you are looking for a good list for LIFE: here you go-
December update:
Pey and I got to see the Nutcracker ballet- so fun! We stopped at Krispy Kreme on the way home to spoil the boys!
The kids waiting to open their gifts on Christmas .
My love and I - celebrating our 12th Christmas together ❤️
I flew in Christmas night to surprise the mom and grandparents 
Played lots of games and read 2 books
Got to enjoy a white Christmas 
Hung out with these amazing people! Norma and Jack Canady- aka- the grandparents 
Pretty special people right here!
Did a little skating when I got back! 
The kids loved it so much- they want an ice skating rink in Tillamook :)

Love these blessings
Happy New Year!!!