Thursday, March 6, 2008

Baby looking good!

Hi everyone. I am updating you all on baby and me. Today I went to the doctor for my weekly appointment. Everything looks perfect. We heard lil' Motz heart beat and that was super fun. Especially since last time we couldn't hear it yet with the doppler but we saw it with an ultra sound. belly is growing more and more. I love it when I lay day and I can NOW finally feel a little bump where my baby is growing...for the longest time I just felt flatness;) Heehee, some of you may not think that is a bad thing, but when you are ready to feel a bump and everyone else around you who is prego has major bumps..even being a month or so behind is gets you ready to have one yourself:) God has indeed blessed me with a long waist so I will probably not look MAJORLY pregnant til like 6 months...but as long as I have my little bump...I am cool:)
Our house is slowly coming a long. Jason and I have been so busy with other things it seems this week. But...we will be settled in by May;) That is my goal. You may be thinking...MAY? You can stand to not have your place in running order til May....YES...I can...At this point having a two year old and being pregnant, I think May will be a miracle, LOL:)
Still looking for my battery charger to post pics;) Eventually, I promise:)