Monday, February 25, 2008

Moving, Memories, and Marriage

This weekend we began our huge adventure of moving out of our house. Ryan and Jason worked their bootys' off moving all of our stuff and R&M's stuff back and forth through Tilly Town Saturday! Those men worked sooooo hard. Morgan and I just were so proud to call them our men:) We still have a few things to move out of our place on Wed. but for the most part I am living in a house that is not mine anymore and doesn't have very many of my belongings in it.

I am sooooo excited to move. I am excited to have Jason to myself more remodeling...I am excited to have family Saturdays....I am excited because our house is just beautiful and everything I have ever wanted in a house!! It truely is my DREAM House...come on now...I am only I really deserve my dream house?? is my dream house but I have to admit that I wouldn't mind if the location would be say more like in DENVER, heehee. But honestly, I love Tillamook. It is where I was basically raised....just 20 miles further down the coast:) Anyways...I am just happy about our new place.

BUT...with all that said, I am also going to miss our blue 1928 1702 3rd st. house!! Though this house took a lot out of is filled with so many amazing memories. This was the first place Jason and I went after we tied the knot. Jason held me when we got here because, yes, I was crying. Not crying because I married him, teehee but because the HUGE overwhelming amazing day was over and I was just letting out all of my emotion!!Poor guy didn't know what he was marrying into;) This was also the first house I ever lived in away from my mom and dad. I was dorm girl...that is what I did in college. I never had an apartment...just a dorm. So this was the first place I could do with what I wanted:) This house was the house we brought our amazing little man home too:) Logan has only known this house as his own. He took his first steps here....said his first words here....pooped in the bathtub here(had to put that in). I adore this house!!!! I know that I will make amazing memories in our new house but this house will always be super special to me and my hubby:) So...with being super excited about adventuring into our new place and making it our own...we leave a piece of heart with our beautiful old blue house!! We will miss you home but we are so excited to see Ryan and Morgan make some amazing memories here as well:)