Thursday, July 17, 2008

To be or not to be....that is the question! you all know, Jason and I are expecting a little girl very soon. Infact if you look at it this way, anytime in the next four weeks, though I am sure it will be the later! I am officially going to be induced either the 15th or the 18th....we are voting more for the 18th...let our little girl cook the full 40 weeks;) I am super excited and really reality is hitting me that it will happen...yes, in the next month. I am painting her room this weekend( I have permission from my dr, ya'll...I know you were all thinking...WHAT your painting her room?? YES and I painted Logan's room too) Jason and I decided on the name Zoey, the day we found out God was blessing us with a BEAUTIFUL little girl. I already know how beautiful she is because, Good golly, have you not seen her handsome brother Logan???:) Well, before we ever picked the name Zoey, we had a name list that looked like this:
Zoey Lenae Motsinger
Olivia Lenae Motsinger
Mylee Lenae Motsinger
Haylee Lenae Motsinger
All of these names....we both LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, the other night Jason and I were talking....Jason said he is really falling in love with the name Mylee....not that he doesn't love Zoey but is thinking Mylee may be perfect for our little girl. So...I have decided to let Jason decide. I love all the names on the list favorites are Mylee and Zoey...but I am letting Daddy name his little girl. We will see what Jason decides:) Of course, if Jason all the sudden picked a HORRIBLE worries, I will let my opinion be heard, lol! But...I really think he will pick one from our list.
So....No later then August 18th or 19th.....we will find out what our little girl's name will will be fun to see what my man decides! Pray for me these last few weeks. That God allows me to get the last few things done that I am hoping too and that our baby is SUPER healthy and that she is a wonderful nurser:) Love you all!


MrsTroyers Blog said...

I'm sure whatever the will fit her! :) Hope you enjoy this last month of being pregnant...I've been enjoying your blogs, keep it up!

Kay said...

That's fun! :) Will Jason decide when she's born or sooner? Has he decided already? I like both of them...I don't know anyone with the name Mylee, but I do know a couple Zoeys. I'm excited for you!! I just got a phone call from Karen (McGuire) Lovitt this morning...she had her second little boy yesterday, the 29th of July. Adam Wiley. :) God is so good to us! Blessings! :)