Sunday, September 4, 2016

"Fall, Football, #FOMO, and why I am trying to be better at saying 'no' "

Everyone keeps talking about Fall!!! But people, FOR REAL, we still have 20 days until it officially hits. Lets embrace the last couple of days of summer while we can. Because, let's face it....we won't be seeing much sun starting in November. Let's not rush this stuff :)
I do love Fall.  I love the season almost as much as I love Christmas.  The kiddos go back to school with new shoes, new clothes, new pencils, new backpacks,  and everything is NEW. So I guess the wonderful parts of Fall that I love, mean the fresh newness of  things.  The air is crisper and  a little cooler. Its just a refreshing season. PLUS, football starts up again. Since I was little, football has been a big part of my life. I grew up with a daddy and grandpa who adored it. Specifically, Denver Bronco football. I have some fond memories of my Grandpa taking me to a couple of games. He was a season ticket holder in the 80's and 90's. I remember a game he just took ME to. He spoiled me with lots and lots of hot chocolate because it was FREEZING cold at the Mile High Stadium.
  In the early 90s when we moved to Oregon, we started attending all the high school football games. This was the highlight of my week. Being little miss social, it was a time I could just hang out with my friends. It's pretty fun to pass this tradition down to my kiddos and go to the games here in Tillamook. I love watching both my kids sit with friends or  see them throw around the football during half time:) PS. Logan is starting his 3rd year of tackle football. I stumbled across his picture from 2 years ago. Look at him then and now. Makes me wanna cry. My boy is growing up, way to fast.

With Fall almost being here, it also brings the beginning of a LOT of new events. We all took a break from the "Normal" for the summer, but September hits and it all starts up again. This gets me excited and then it also gives me a tiny bit of anxiety because I wanna be involved in everything. I've had my little summer break and  I'm all refreshed from not having very much in my schedule for 3 months. I feel ready to get going with stuff again.  Seriously, ya'll, I struggle with "FOMO" like there is no tomorrow. "Fear Of Missing Out" TRUTH. This little problem of mine gets me in trouble and causes  me to overly stuff my schedule with work, kids, sports, bible studies, and other social settings. Which then leaves me with not a lot of home time....and...I am a homebody and an ambivert (which basically means I am a introvert and an yeah, thats super fun to explain to friends....."I totally wanna hangout and spend tons of time with you....but then 30 min. later I need to go to my bedroom and shut the door and just be by myself for awhile. FUN. haha ) So, this whole FOMO thing gets me in trouble, a lot. I get worn out easy, burnt out on social settings, and end up just wanting to stay home, all the time.  As this Fall is quickly coming at me, I have been faced with the option of doing that to myself again or trying to make some changes. I want to be able to say no, maybe even to the things that I really wanna do, in order to  not cause myself a little nervous break down- for real!!! So, I started praying about it in June.  Basically because in May, I hurt my back so badly, that I couldn't even get out of bed for like 5 days. I couldn't make it to several social things that I was helping lead, couldn't work, couldn't even take my kiddos to school or make them dinner or do any house work. I was STUCK. And in that week, I realized something BIG. The world can and will go on without Krista. This was both humbling and completely mind and heart changing for me.  With this mind set, I just starting praying that God would show me what he wanted me to keep in my life, specifically this Fall, and what He wants me to not do anymore. I have already had God show me things that I just can't be involved in and even a couple of areas He closed the doors for me. Even though I was kind of still forcing those doors open. 
  I love a couple of quotes from this lovely little book I read last Fall, " the Best Yes," by Lysa Terkeurst. 
"Saying yes all the time, won't make me Wonder Woman, it will make me a worn out woman."
"Wisdom makes decisions today that will still be good tomorrow."
"Do I have the resources to handle this request along with my current responsibilities ? Could this fit:
*Physically? Financially? Spiritually? Emotionally?"
" A small 'no' pushes through the resistance of awkwardness and disappointment because its better to nip something early on." 
"Humility and wisdom are a package deal. And often the people who have the most wisdom have experienced the most humility. Or sometimes even the most humiliation."
"Every day we make choices. Then our choices make us."
    Love all these words by Lysa Terkeurst:):)

     At the end of the day, Gods word is the ultimate Wisdom giver and life changer. Love these verses:
" The Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in Him; though He may stumble, He will not fall, for the Lord upholds Him with His hand." Psalm 37:23-24
"Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path."Psalm 119:105 (LOVE THE WHOLE 119 Psalm , fyi:) )
This is the verse the kids and I are gonna focus on this coming school year:
  " Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all of your might....." Ecclesiastes 9:10a
So, in order to act the above verse out, I need to pray about my schedule, pray for wisdom in what He has for me this Fall, and let the "FOMO' go.   Oh, and  maybe this will allow for me to watch a little more football with my sweet family.