Monday, January 5, 2015

Night Shift Dread

Back when I only had one little one on this earth and another little one in my tummy, Jason received his dream job at work. The Pallet Gang opperater. This meant a big pay raise for my honey, but also a switch to night shift. I was cleaning houses part time during the day, and my awesome brother in law had my Logan buddy with him and his 3 littles while I cleaned with my sister in law. This time for me was just awesome. I got quality time with a wise mama, made a little extra money, and had a little mommy break.  With Jason switching to nights, he was able to take over the kiddos duty during the day and then once Pey arrived, he took over the baby duty as well:) This allowed me to keep working, with out having to hire any childcare or having to take a newborn with my to clean other peoples houses!  We loved this shift for a lot of reason but Jason ended up really missing out on a lot of things he just loves! He plays Basketball every monday night with a group of guys, enjoys going to Logans sporting events, and just  likes being available for things at night. We also knew that in the next couple of years, Logan would be in school and that would mean Jason not seeing Logan much at all during the week. So as soon as a job opened on dayshift, he went for it. Of course, during this time, we were praying so much. Jason has never loved where he works but he goes and provides for his family. He has always had pretty steady work, really nice hours, good benefits, and a week schedule. He has rarely ever had to work weekends.  Of this we are so blessed.
 Fast forward to 2015 (Can't believe I am even writing that date) and Jason is back on nights. Only for a month, Lord willing.  There was an issue at work and Jason needed to switch shifts with the opposite main gang opperater on night shift.   As I have this month to myself at nights, which mean bonus mommy duty- doing the morning thing solo and the night thing solo, I decided to just count my blessings. To not complain and to chose to have a positive attitude .
 *I am so thankful that I have a husband that spoils me and that when he is home, he is a part of the kids lives, doing stuff around the house, and really never getting a break.
 *I am so thankful that Jason gets to get a little more sleep this month. Doesn't seem like he would doing night shift but my hubs normally gets up at 3:50 am week days and goes to be 9-9:30pm. Not a lot of sleep and he is tired a lot (NEVER COMPLAINS)
 *I am thankful I will get to read some more and finish up my current netflix obsession  "Blue Bloods"
 *I am thankful for the Lord and his word and his constant encouragement in this Mommyhood Journey
 *I am just thankful Jason has a job!
 * I am thankful for some quiet nights at home. The homebody and introvert that I have become is really loving this after such a busy Christmas season.
 *I am thankful that Logan starts basketball soon and I will get to watch him enjoy the sport that both his daddy and I love.
 * I am thankful for the wisdom that Lord has giving me lately in parenting patience and not taking parenting problems personal!

*I am thankful even when my kids cry before bed because they didn't see daddy hardly at all today. 
*I am thankful that he is so loved❤️
*Basically- I am just thankful ❤️❤️❤️