Monday, April 28, 2008

Vacation, Sunshine, and....the "D" and "P" word.

We just got back from St. George UTAH! What a wonderful time we had! Logan LOVED riding on the airplane and so enjoyed his uncle Zach and aunt Candiss. They were the perfect hosts and we had such a nice time at their place.

We flew in to Vegas, so of course we had to walk the Vegas Strip. Jason had never been to Vegas, so he was excited to go and see it. Now, those of you who have never been to Vegas and those of you who have, Vegas is pretty much Porn city. As you walk down the stip, these guys every two feet are trying to give porn and there are like POSTERS everywhere. It really is rather gross. Luckly, after the first 20 guys who tried to give us some, we kind of got use to it and kept ingnoring them. Anyways...Vegas was a blast. We enjoyed the sunshine, Logan got go to M&M World, and Jason got to gamble his limit of $20.

That night, Logan got super sick...pukeing and filling his diaper the next 24 hours. Poor little guy...then for the next 4 days, he would not eat anything....just drink. He was such a sick little boy. Then Jason got it on Friday and was sick til we left. Not the best way to spend vacation but at least we got away from it all;) We got to swim, walk, play at the park, go to Costco and Walmart(heehee), eat out a couple of times, shop, lay out in the sun, and just enjoy my brother and his wife! I also go to see 3 of my friends while I was there. Lindsey, Kristi, and was such a blessing to see some good ol' Frontier Friends.

We were so happy to get home but had the most wonderful time with them!!! Now our next exciting adventure will be August 19th when baby Zoey joins us:) We look forward to it!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Commit your ways to the LORD!

Life always seems to be ever changing for me and my family! Especailly the last 3 years have been rocky with health of my mom, miscarriage for me, and just other things. Life may be taking my family down a rough road again and I don't always know how to deal or how to trust the Lord with it all. First off...when my mother had breast cancer 2 1/2 years ago....I never got mad at God. I cried my eyes out and was scared and terrified of the unknowing of it all...but I never was mad at him for my mom's cancer. I struggled a lot with giving my fears and lack of strength to him...but I felt he drew me closer to Him through that time. That he changed my thoughts on I never have been the same and I thank the Lord for that. I would never ask for my mother to go through what she went through...EVER again. But God grew all of us through it and I know that God has already used her cancer to be a light in other people's lives as well.
As God may take me and my family down another difficult road, He keeps bringing this bible verse to my mind and it bring me comfort.
"Commit your ways to the Lord, TRUST ALSO IN HIM, and He will do it" Psalm 37:5
This verse encourages me to rest in the Lord...commit all my fears to him, and to TRUST HIM!!! I am so very thankful for God's word and for it's comfort and guidence in my life! I pray that my whole life will be centered around this verse!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Weddings...I love weddings!!

So my dear friend Courtney got married this last Friday! It was a totally perfect and beautiful day! One thing I just love about weddings is the awesome reminder of what God has chosen for me in my life! God called me to be Jason's wife! And I LOVE IT MORE then anything other then being a mommy. Jason is amazing. As pastor Dean talked about the qualities of a good husband...everything he said Jason resembled! Especailly when he talked about Husband's treating their wives as if they are a precious or fragile jewel. Not because they are weak...but because they are PRECIOUS! Jason soooo treats me in this way!

I love weddings...I love marriage...and I love Love! Congrats Bobby and Courtney...may God bless you marriage as he has mine. And may you always keep Christ the center of your marriage!!! It will keep your marriage wheel turning!